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Twig Surfboards was developed to make high-quality surfboards, that perform at an optimum level when the waves are at there biggest and best.

Grant “Twiggy” Baker started designing these boards in Durban, South Africa with Baron Stander Jnr in the early 90’s to try and steer away from the ‘narrow, banana type design’ of the time that didn’t work in the waves he loved riding and as a direct result of him demanding shortboard performance in good, powerful waves.

He was looking for versatile performance boards that he could use at home and on his travels when the waves got solid. From these humble beginnings, he was able to develop a range of high-performance boards, for all levels of surfer, for both surf trips expecting decent waves or as a go-to board when the waves at your local beach start pumping, and you want the best possible equipment for those special days of the year.

The TWIG SURFBOARDS brand has been tweaking and developing this design since and it has recently been pushed to the forefront of world surfing by a similar design ridden by John John Florence in the past two years as his favorite for all kinds of surf and a go-to for many surfers around the world.

Using information gathered over the past 20 years working with some of the most experienced shapers alive, including Tom Nellis, Gary Linden, Spider Murphy, Randy Cone, Dave Van Ginkle, Wayne Webster, Simon Fish, Stretch, Al Bean and Lyle Carlson, the TWIG SURFBOARDS brand has come up with specs that we can proudly say are the best in the world for premium wave conditions.

And the continuous exchange of ideas between the TWIG SURFBOARDS current shapers Chris Christenson (California), Jeff Bushman (Hawaii), Daniel Keggie (South Africa), Rodolfo Klimax (South Americas), Ryan Von Dresselt (West Australia) and Axel Lorentz (Europe) has seen the brand come of age.

The STEP-UP MODEL (5’6 – 7’0) was designed as a direct result of surfers demanding shortboard performance in good waves and they are versatile performance boards, designed for surfers who want to take their good wave performance to the next level.

The CHARGER MODEL (7’0 – 9’0) is a mid-range gun and its all about keeping volume in the board for paddling into larger waves but having a shorter length board once on the wave to maximize turning and barrel riding. A free turning board with all the hold and drive of a regular gun while maximizing speed.

The RHINO MODEL (9’0 – 11’0) is a futuristic gun design, fast and responsive with control, tried and tested in the heaviest waves imaginable and has been used to win several XXL awards, two Mavericks titles, 5 other WSL World Tour events, as well as two World titles (2014 / 2017).

These boards are built to work when the waves are firing, from 3 – 30ft and my dream is to see every surfer with at least one in their quiver that suits the type of wave they intend riding either at their local beach, on the coast or while on the road.

Wherever you live in the world we will be able to get you the latest Twig Model surfboard designed by Grant Baker and finished by one of our world-renowned shapers.

Get hold of us now and we can discuss the size and model that will work best for you, at the waves you intend surfing.

Latest News

The World Surf League Big Wave Tour

The World Surf League Big Wave Tour starts today and runs until March 2019. We wait on 48 hours notice for the biggest, cleanest swells of the season to light up Pe’ahi, Mavericks and Nazare.

Chasing Swells

Blurring the line between reality and a dream with Grant TWIG Baker. For nearly two decades, we have been chasing swells and seeking new big waves.

INNOCEAN Worldwide Hyundai Ad

I did an advert for Hyundai with INNOCEAN Worldwide and we won a Red Dot Award for our "Pioneer" film.

Street Missions

“Durban is a finger in the face of conformity. And we make its surfboards.

Twig Surfboards is Durban born and bred while living, surfing and dreaming Durban.

We make an exceptional surfboard, for people who give a damn about what they ride, that never compromise on quality, who live where edge meets class and who pay tribute to the soul of Durban.

Not the clichéd Sunshine City PR bullshit Durban, but rather the real Durban – the Durban that makes its own rules, expresses its own unique personality, and never prostitutes itself to conformity.”

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