Daniel Keggie

The Saffa Master

South Africa

Dan and Twig spend countless hours in the shaping bay, working the cutting machine, perfecting the glassing techniques and sanding finishes. This is where all the experimentation, design tweaks and in depth analysis of what works and what doesn’t happen. With his mentorship under Spider Murphy and experience shaping around the world, Dan Keggie is the perfect partner to help Twiggy take his boards to the highest level. Its all about a team effort between shaper and surfer and this team wants to win.

Axel Lorentz

The French Connection


Axel Lorentz has fully committed his shapes and knowledge to Pukas since 2012 and spends most of his time at the factory in the Basque Country. Axel is constantly improving his skills and he has taken our Big Wave Program to the next level by working with Twiggy about his lines and experiences and adapting his files for the waves in Europe . He is constantly perfecting successful models such as the Charger and Rhino and Axel is a professional, committed to his work and his Twig quiver is here to prove it.

Jeff Bushman

The Toy Maker


Shaping on Oahu’s North Shore for over 25 years, the goal is to remain true to the reason it all started in the first place: creative innovation. Creating quality surfboards is about staying true to the love for the lifestyle that started it all over thirty years ago. It’s about spreading the stoke by creating boards that make riding waves more fun, whether that means being able to take off deeper behind the boil at Waimea, or flying faster down the line at a local beachy. Building surfboards is about constantly striving to make better equipment, not necessarily more surfboards, because at the end of the day it’s about surfing with your friends and constantly living the magic.

Chris Christenson

The Eccentric American


Born in 1973 and living in Cardiff California, Chris has been surfing for 29 years and shaping for 26, completing around 26000 boards in this time. With mentors like Dick Brewer and Skip Frye and favorites such as Jack Reeves and Simon Anderson, he is perfectly suited to take the TWIG model designs to another dimension and his shapes for Mavericks and Todos are second to none.

Ryan Von Dresselt

The Story is In the Boards


Concept manufacturing in Western Australia with emphasis on supporting the arts within the trade and board design. Ours is a colourful collective of ambassadors including the 2 x World Big Wave Champion and tube hound Grant “twiggy” Baker who has been working with us closely to ensure we have the very best heavy wave boards available to the surfers of Western Australia. If you are looking for a beach break Step-up, Main Break Charger or Cow Bombie Rhino Charger we have his files. No doubt that these boards have been tried and tested in the heaviest waves imaginable and will get you where you need to be.

Rodolpho Klimax

The Peruvian Power

South America

En el año 1977, Rodolfo Klima, con 13 años en ese entonces, decidió empezar a hacer tablas de surf para su hermano Pedro y para él mismo bajo su misma firma, sin saberlo, este simple acto se convertiría, años mas tarde, en una reconocida e importante marca internacional de tablas de surf. Rodolfo quería fabricar tablas de surf de la más alta calidad, que no solo funcionasen bien en las olas peruanas, si no que pudiesen pasar la prueba y dar su mejor rendimiento en las mejores olas del mundo; como Hawaii, Australia, South Africa, Indonesia y otros reconocidos lugares de clase mundial. Para lograr este propósito, constantemente fue probando y afinando cada una de sus creaciones. Siempre dispuesto a incorporar dentro de sus diseños los cambios que requieren la exigente evolución del deporte.

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